Choose your quest

Mindshift Escape Rooms offer 4 mind bending escape room adventures to challenge your mettle. Which will you choose?

Flex your mental muscles

No physical exertion is required to solve our escape room games. A series of clues and puzzles are hidden within each room. You need only discover their location.

Solve your escape game

Decipher the answers from your clues to solve your quest and secure your escape. If you are stuck on any one clue, we’ll provide a hint to keep the game going.


You have 1 hour* to unravel the secrets of your room. Success will secure your escape!

*30 minutes for kids’ room.


Now the game’s up, head to our social photo booth. Hashtag your experience on Instagram and receive a free photo of you and your team to take home and immortalise this day forever.


Game safety, security and etiquette 

OK, so our insurance company would have a conniption if we actually locked you into rooms for real (something about OH&S!), so the timed locks on our escape rooms are for game playing purposes only. If you need to exit the room for any reason, you can freely do so. But honestly… you’ll be having too much fun to do that.

While you’re playing, the room is monitored from our high-tech control centre to make sure the game is progressing safely and nobody has fallen foul of the things that go bump in the night!

And to ensure the mysteries of each room remain protected, we require all recording devices such as cameras/phones and other personal items remain safely secured during play. We provide personal lockers on site for this purpose and trust you’ll respect the need for confidentiality.

Your escape room experience