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Welcome to Mindshift Escape Rooms. What brings you here? A thirst for excitement? Adventure? Mystery…? Congratulations my friend, you’ve found it.

But can you find all the clues to solve the puzzle and escape in time? Tick, tock… tick, tock… the clock is counting down!

Do you have what it takes?


If you love a great story and challenging your skills of deduction, forget movies and online games. Instead dive into an exciting real-life adventure where you and your co-players are the stars of the show.


Carefully explore your room to find the hidden clues and solve the mystery to escape while there is time! All may not be as it seems.


Create teams of 2-24 participants to crack the secrets of your escape room. A great activity to bond with family, friends or colleagues.


What is the strange and curious creature said to be lurking in the forest? Is it Bigfoot? You and your team of fellow cryptozoologists are keen to unravel the mystery and discover the truth. But with the sun about to rise, time is running out!

Bermuda escape rooms Adelaide

Steeped in mystery and legend, the infamous Bermuda Triangle has plunged you into another dimension. Unless you can decode the clues in time, the portal back to your own reality will be closed forever!

Mission Metropol escape rooms Adelaide

The year is 2076. But a murder upon the London Metropol Express in 1912 has had devastating consequences across history affecting the fabric of society today. Travel back in time to solve the crime and save the world.

Gypsy Manor escape rooms Adelaide

You’re the sole heir of your mysterious great Aunt Esmerelda. Known for dabbling in the dark arts, she left behind a dusty note enchanted by a powerful spell. Can you decipher its meaning and find your fortune before the spell breaks and all is lost?

Wizard Guest Escape Room

You are a group of wizards in training and it’s all up to you. You must find a way to get to the ‘Candle of Everlasting Light’ in order to ignite its flame and save the kingdom.


Mindshift Escape Rooms create a truly memorable experience for special events such as birthdays, pre-wedding parties, or corporate team exercises.

Corporate Event escape rooms Adelaide
Birthday Parties escape rooms Adelaide
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Do you know someone who has everything?

Are you looking to provide a little fun and adventure in your gifts this year?

With each each voucher purchased, we provide a friendly welcoming host to greet you at the door where you’ll feel part of the action immediately inside our 40’s themed lobby.

After a short pre-game brief, our story telling game masters will take you on a journey like no other, setting the scene with your very own objective.

With victory in sight, jump back into reality where we will be waiting for you to return!

Close out your time with a complimentary session at our photobooth and take home your printed photos as a memento of your exciting adventure with Mindshift Escape Rooms!



What is the minimum and maximum size for a group?

Minimum group size is 2 players and maximum group size in each room is 6 players. Some of our games provide duplicate rooms and different playing formats, so you can book our venue with as many as 36 players at once; however you won’t all be playing in the same room or the same mystery.

What is the “Team Swap” format?

This format is designed for larger groups. You’ll be split into competing teams and have 30 minutes to find the clues that unlock the mysteries of your room. If you solve all the clues before your time is up, your team wins the round! Once the first 30 minutes is up, you’ll switch rooms and the competition starts again.

Are there any age limits?

Mindshift Escape Rooms are designed for the whole family from ages 7+ with Adelaide’s only game room designed just for juniors.



Let’s face it. It’s not every day you get to travel through time, visit new dimensions or search for hidden fortunes. Mindshift Escape Rooms Adelaide, gives you the opportunity to explore exciting new adventures and test your wits against the clock in a fun and truly unique experience.